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how to embed Workflowy lists in your website

You probably have seen, where they use an <iframe> with the URL as src, and you probably want to embed some Workflowy lists on some of your websites (like classless’ main page, for example).

I wanted to do that too.

However, trying to use the id (that shows in the URL) of a list I control in place of “4Lnseux1Yg” leads to an error page.

Searching for this on Google, I found people saying that we should use the editing URL itself ( or that we should use the URL Workflowy shareable URL, given in the modal that appears in the “share” option of a list’s sidemenu.

Using these two URLs in the HTML may work (the first one will only work if you’re logged in, so no, it won’t work, but the second will), but they will still display a navigation bar at the top and will not be as cool as the demo.

However, the solution, not said anywhere, is easy: use the /embed/ URL, but with the id of the shareable URL. So if your shareable URL is, use <iframe src=""></iframe>.