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The best place doctrine

– “What? You’re already tired? What a slacker. We still have a long way to go.”
– “Ryu-san, is like do you have something that you want to do?”
– “Why all of a sudden? Well, I’ve got to say: I want to become a pimp!”
– “It’s not that…”
– “And then, make a girlfriend like Anna-okami.”
– “I envy you, Ryu-san, for being so simple.”


– “Yoh-kun said he wants to become Shaman King. I don’t have anything that I want to become or know what I want to do. The reason I was with Yoh-kun was because I felt that I didn’t belong to my house, school and Jyuku [night- schooling] and felt comfortable being with him. That’s why I stayed with him.”
– "What’s wrongt with that? You stayed because you felt comfortable. That’s totally fine.
"Look, Manta: for example, the service area that is interspersed with the highway. For me, I feel that this place is very comfortable. This place has a “commune” that people who travel around Japan created. A totally different thing from normal living. It should be called “an urban community” that’s located in the mountains.
"Why do I like it? It’s because I’m a traveler.
"That’s why I don’t get bored of a region’s souvenir stores no matter how many times I look at it. Even the keychains from the 80’s feels like nostalgic love. Finally, the most impressive thing is that this enormous and wild view that floats in the night is heartrending, and I love it uncontrollably.
“Say I start working at this service area: you think that’s running away?”
– “No, I don’t think of it that way.”
– “A comfortable place. Basically, that place is where you can be yourself. To sum it up: it’s the best place for that person.”
– “Best place…”
– "You can find what you want to do in the best place.
“Your best place is being with Master Yoh, isn’t it?”

(episódio 17 de Shaman King, o anime)